Could Be OT: How many people only accept reverse DNS lookup mail?

Michael Baird mike at
Thu Aug 17 16:58:37 IST 2006

On Thu, 2006-08-17 at 16:11 +0100, Julian Field wrote:
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> Michael Baird wrote:
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> > I've been testing this milter
> > as well, on a lower pref MX (Spam Catcher). It goes further then just
> > checking reverse DNS, it also checks whether the domain actually accepts
> > mail, and if it accepts mail for the specified sender.
> >   
> When it checks to see if the domain accepts mail, does it try the host 
> that sent out the mail, or does it properly look up the MX record of 
> that domain and check there?

>From The author's site.
It's a lite alternative for the spamilter, milter-sender and
milter-ahead milters. It's written in C.

  · external configuration file;
  · friendly hosts/networks whitelist;
  · SMTP AUTH support;
  · strictly RFC-2821 compliant MX callback engine;
  · tolerance against non RFC-2821 compliant e-Mail servers;
  · blocking of e-Mail messages with a spoofed sender's e-Mail address;
  · recipient's e-Mail address verification with an authoritative e-Mail
  · slow down of recipient's e-Mail address brute force attacks;
  · Sendmail virtusertable and mailertable features support.

It is very new, I've only been running it 2 days. It has rejected
approximately 40% of the inbound mails on my test/spamtrap box, running
after greylist-milter. It also can test your own relays if you wanted to
use instead of milter-ahead. Essentially it serves the same purpose as
milter-sender/milter-ahead, in one small simple milter.

Michael Baird

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