Wiki is sick...

Res res at
Thu Aug 17 01:53:55 IST 2006

On Wed, 16 Aug 2006, Scott Silva wrote:

>>> my vote is for anything that works faster, its painfull waiting as

>> IMO, most wikis are quite slow. Especially if they are more ...
>> "featureful" (tikiwiki comes to mind). And most relies on a database,
>> which DW doesn't. A case of choosing between the plague and cholera...
>> I say stay with the sickness you know:-)
> I choose hangover! ;-)
> Not fun to have, more fun to get, but you only WISH you died from it!

I'll pay that one lol

Hmmm on a side note I seem to have lost the responses to my post, this is 
the first... Michele can you tell me if any list posts to me are bouncing?

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