Mail Queue monitor?

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Wed Aug 16 17:39:04 IST 2006

Rob Morin wrote:
> Thats a cool script, however i wanted to NOT use Nagios and such,  as i 
> need to run this on a remote machine, as Nagios uses my mailserver to 
> send email, if mail is backed up i will not get the alert.... so i 
> figure i have a secondary email server that i would run an ssh command 
> and check the queue on the primary, if it does not respond or is high i 
> would then email  to a pager on that remote machine that the queue is 
> high...
> am i confusing anyone yet?
> :)

We had the same issue, only we didn't see it coming as you have so my 
mail went down and I got the pages afterward ;^)

We now have Nagios set to email a notification normally, and send a page 
to our third party paging service directly. So if the mail servers fail 
to respond again, I'll get the page immediately and the notification 
email after the fact. (Only because I don't have a seperate group for 
email servers).


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> Daniel Maher wrote:
>> If you've already got SNMP deployed, you can query it using any number 
>> of open source network monitoring tools (such as Nagios or Big Brother).
>> In order to obtain the result in the first place, though, you'll need 
>> a script to generate a number that SNMP can report.  Consider the 
>> attached script, in fact, which can check either the "hold" or 
>> "incoming" queues, as you like.
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>>> Is ther a script i can use to monitor teh mail queue on my postfix
>>> system, and i fits over a certain amount email me or page me....
>>> So every 5  or 10 mins this script would run and if the email in the
>>> queue is over 100 send an email to a pager...
>>> I guess i would have to run this command from an external machine via
>>> ssh as i figure if i run it locally and the queue is big i would never
>>> get the email?
>>> :)
>>> Thanks...

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