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> Hi,
> I have just started a six month contract for a company, and after
> discussions with the other sys admin we have decided to run a POC to
> replace the current anti-viri/spam appliance with MailScanner.
> What I would be grateful with some help on is how I can create a second
> stream of the companies email to MailScanner from the existing SendMail
> installation so that we can see how it performs, without effecting the
> current mail implementation.  I have heard that there is a milter which
> will allow this, but are there any other methods.
> We can then use the results to form part of the business case, and
> hopefully get a full solution implemented.
> Cheers,
> --[ UxBoD ]--

Just the tool, Anthony Howe's Roundhouse: 

This is an SMTP multiplexer, which takes the input from an SMTP client connection and copies it to one or more SMTP servers. Intended as means to debug and test different mail server configurations using a production mail server's live data stream.

And it's free :). Take a look at the milter while you’re there. You should consider:

Milter-ahead (90€ for site license and free updates) 
Milter-link (Free)
Milter-gris (Free)

I hope this helps,

Stephen Swaney
Fort Systems Ltd.
stephen.swaney at

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