releasing mail from quarantine -- postfix

Ugo Bellavance ugob at
Fri Aug 11 01:40:20 IST 2006

James D. Parra wrote:
>> Postcat just *looks* like it doing its job, but it really isn't...
>> Postfix as such isn't fooled though, and has probably put that message
>> file into its corrupted folder (correctly so, one might add:).
>> Use the sendmail (convenience command) method as outlined in the wiki,
>> and you'll be fine.
> Hello Glen,
> Thanks for info. I didn't install sendmail on this server so I didn't think
> the 'sendmail' command would work.  Although, it did work, but with one
> oddity; the message went through Mailscanner as was quarantined again! Oh
> boy.
> How can I get the message through to postfix without it getting quarantined
> again?
> Error; {Dangerous Content}
> MailScanner: Too many attachments in message

Create a ruleset so that messages from the apache user (apache on redhat 
servers, nobody if compiled from source.  Or you can use but 
that is riskier.

> Many thanks,
> ~James

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