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Kevin Miller wrote:
> I updated my MS to take advantage of the new Allow Filenames & Allow
> Filetypes functions and notice that the comments documenting filetypes
> seems to be a copy and paste of Allow Filenames with minor editing.  I'm
> a bit confused by one thing; in the example it shows this for filetypes:
>   # Allow Filetypes = \.txt$ \.pdf$
>   # Deny  Filetypes = \.com$ \.exe$ \.cpl$ \.pif$
> Shouldn't that rather be:
>   # Allow Filetypes = text postscript
> and the like?

Yes it should. Well spotted.

> Looking in the filetype.rules.conf I don't see any extensions - just
> things like text, postscript, MPEG, etc.
> Am I out to lunch?

Not at all. For a beer, maybe, for not to lunch.

> What I'm doing is setting up a particular user to be able to send my
> users .mp3 files, so I have the following files set up:
> %etc-dir%/allow.filenames.rules
>   From:   joe.blow at  \.mp3$
> %etc-dir%/allow.filetypes.rules
>   From:   joe.blow at  MPEG
> Is that correct, or do I really need \.mp3$ in both the filename and
> filetype rule files?

No, you've got it absolutely correct.

> S'later...
> ...Kevin

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