Installation issue

Dhawal Doshy dhawal at
Thu Aug 10 11:37:40 IST 2006

Chris Green wrote:
> Robert Isaac wrote:
>> During installation of MailScanner 4.55 on my ProLiant DL360 G3 with
>> RHESL-4, Sendmail 8.13.1, Perl 5.8.5 I got this:
>> *** You are using a perl configured with threading enabled.
>> *** You should be aware that using multiple threads is
>> *** not recommended for production environments.
>> What does this mean please, is there a problem?

If you notice closely.. this error occurs specifically while building 
the DBI rpm.. How it affects your setup / performance can be read on the 
below URL (as posted by Chris).

- dhawal

> There is an in-depth article explaining threading here:
> Essentially, threading is an experimental option that is switched on at 
> compile-time. This means that if you are using an RPM distribution or 
> equivalent you will not have the opportunity to choose whether to have 
> threading enabled or not, the package author will have made that 
> decision for you.
> Is there a problem? So far for me, No, but I'm sure someone else on this 
> list might be able to enlighten us. My guess is that problems associated 
> with threading are mainly due to logic errors in programs that use the 
> threading feature, causing deadlocks and the like. Emphasis on the word 
> 'guess' there....
> Chris

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