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Tue Aug 8 17:09:41 IST 2006

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Unfortunately 0.17 isn't great either. On some systems, it hangs  
during the "make test" stage of building and installing it.

What I have done is produce a new 4.55.10-3 release of MailScanner  
that uses Sys-Syslog-0.17 but skips the "make test" so that it will  
always install successfully. I have never seen that version actually  
fail a test (other than the one that hangs) so it should all be okay.

The code which is being tested by the test that hangs is never used  
in real life anyway.

On 8 Aug 2006, at 11:43, Filippo Dini wrote:

> Hi all.
> You have downgraded sys-syslog package (from 0.17 to 0.16) in your  
> MailScanner_4.55.10-
> 2 but MailScanned don't log anything now.
> I have removed the sys-syslog 0.16 rpm and installed the 0.17 one  
> to get all works
> again.
> I have fedora core 4 installed.
> Best wishes
> Phil

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