ClamAV on FreeBSD - ports or Perl module?

DAve dave.list at
Mon Aug 7 18:25:22 IST 2006

Koopmann, Jan-Peter wrote:
> On Thursday, August 03, 2006 9:29 AM Adri Koppes wrote:
>> I have been using p5-Mail-ClamAV 0.30 with the standard perl 5.8.6 on
>> FreeBSD 5.4 without any problems for over 1 year now. 
> Good to know! I will try to switch to Mail-ClamAV the next days (today just was not possible as was the new port). If that works out as well (which it will) I will remove the warning from p5-Mail-ClamAV. Thanks!

I am very interested in moving to clamavmodule at the moment as I need 
something to relive the load on MailScanner boxes right now. My in queue 
is up over 600 at the moment as I have issues with URIDNSBL no 
completing lookups, so SA is very slow right now. (I've posted already 
on the SA list).

Once switching to clamavmodule will there be a tell tale log message to 
let me know it is working? I have a bit too much processing going on to 
be flipping MailScanner on and off at the moment to send Eicars.



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