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Stef Morrell stef at aoc-uk.com
Mon Aug 7 09:39:29 IST 2006

Julian wrote:
> BG Mahesh wrote: 
>> I somehow need sendmail to add another line like X-Rcpt-To which has
>> just ONE email id and our other email server [mdaemon] that downloads
>> the emails from a common pop account will use that field to deliver
>> the email. Currently Mdaemon is getting totally confused on whom to
>> deliver the email without this line :-(
> There is no way of telling which recipient is more important
> than any other recipient. They are just a list. I can't help
> your totally broken software, sorry.

mdaemon isn't totally broken ;) at least it doesn't destroy headers like
some *cough* exchange *cough* mailservers do.

What's wrong with having the sendmail server deliver via SMTP to the
mdaemon server? Mdaemon tries all kinds of ways to be clever at parsing
email from a collective POP box to deduce the correct recipient, but is
always going to be hindered by the intrisic brokenness of the method. It
deals with SMTP perfectly well, however. 


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