Triggering Outlook's Junk E-mail filter

Chris Green chrisgreen at
Sat Aug 5 16:02:54 IST 2006

Mike Kercher wrote:
> >
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > Hope the hangovers are wearing off nicely :-)
> >
> > That previous question about Outlook's out-of-office
> > behaviour got me thinking, and Google doesn't seem to want to
> > give me an answer.
> >
> > Does anyone know if it's possible to configure a Spam Action
> > which would cause Outlook to move the email into the Junk
> > E-mail folder without setting up a rule on every single users
> > mailbox? A special header that would fire the Outlook filter perhaps?
>What would happen if a user had the Junk Filtering turned off?
They would be encouraged to turn it back on :-)

I would expect that if they had gone in and changed this from the default 
they were either a) advanced users with alternative solutions; b) clever 
enough to realise it could result in more spam; or c) previously employed by 
Sainsbury's as the trolley-boy and found it a bit too mentally challenging.

Apologies to all for forgetting to flag this OT. I have posted the same 
question on an Outlook discussion list and will share the answer here if I 
get one.

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