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> The attachments seem to be .doc or .xls or others and the client always
> seems to be Outlook.
> On Fri, 2006-08-04 at 16:38 -0400, Golden, James wrote:
> 	Hello,
> 	I've have been wasting my whole day trying to figure out how to do
> this.  Can anyone could help besides telling me to install Mailwatch
> (because it's not an option right now).
> 	I have messages that are being snagged by MailScanner because the
> attachment is too large.  When I go to the directory the attachment is in
> binary in the message.
> 	I tried using a sendmail -t < message, but of course it gets snagged
> again by MS.  Is there an option I'm missing to store the attachments
> separately from the message, is there a way to send this on without it
> being scanned?  Is there a way to get the attachment out of the message?
> 	I need help soon as this is becoming a large issue today (about 6
> end users) and my boss is hearing about it!
> 	Thanks,
> 	James

You need to create a rule sets that exempt the localhost from attachment
filename and filetype checking. If you have a Red Hat, CentOS or SuSE
system, the following paths will be correct. They will vary on other systems
but the same principals will work.

First create two files:


The contents of each file will be identical:

allow	*.	-	-

The spaces MUST be Tabs so the contents of both files is really:


Then create the file /etc/MailScanner/rules/filename.rules. The contents of
this file should be:

# Allow all filenames from localhost
From:  /etc/MailScanner/filename.rules.allowall.conf  
# Default entry
FromOrTo:       default         /etc/MailScanner/filename.rules.conf

Then create the file /etc/MailScanner/rules/filetype.rules. The contents of
this file should be:

# Allow all filetypes from localhost
From:  /etc/MailScanner/filetype.rules.allowall.conf
# Default entry
FromOrTo:       default         /etc/MailScanner/filetype.rules.conf

Then edit /etc/MailScanner.conf to call the new rulesets. Change the setting
for Filename Rules to be:

Filename Rules = %rules-dir%/filename.rules

And change the setting for Filetype Rules to be:

Filetype Rules = %rules-dir%/filetype.rules

Then reload MailScanner. 

You should now be able to release the files using the `sendmail -t <
message` command without MailScanner re-quarantining the files.

Have a nice weekend.

Stephen Swaney
Fort Systems Ltd.
stephen.swaney at

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