blocking out-of-office

Rick Chadderdon mailscanner at
Thu Aug 3 20:06:38 IST 2006

Koopmann, Jan-Peter wrote:
> And there are situations where you need OOO. We are still developing a small script fetching the OOO status from Exchange and feeding it to a small exim autoresponder. At least that one is configurable and will not send mails back to mailing lists, bulk mail etc. And if your spam detection is good enough OOO will not be a problem for you I suppose.
I'm curious as to some of the situations you believe need OoO.  I can't
think of any that wouldn't be better handled by a different solution. 
Of course, "better" is subjective, so I might have considered the
situations you're referring to and felt differently.  Still, can you
give me an idea of what you're thinking?


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