blocking out-of-office

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Thu Aug 3 19:05:21 IST 2006

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> >>My employees report that when they have the out of office turned on
> >>receive more spam.....
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> >I don't know how the two are related. Most spam I see doesn't have a
> valid
> >reply address.
> >
> >My suggestion is to use a *nix based autoresponder. Have it only
reply to
> >addresses in your address book. Or better yet, ditch the
> >
> Spam comes in and gets through filter
> Out Of Office AutoReply goes out
> Boiiiing! - NDR arrives in inbox
> Therefore spam, in the implied sense of the word, would double.
> It pollutes auto-whitelists too, but doesn't usually expose you to
> spam
> due because bogus addresses are unlikely to be reused.

Makes sense.  I also assume that Outlook 2003's client side filter sends
out a Out of Office response to the filtered spam that ends up in the
junk mail folder.  True?

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