blocking out-of-office

Chris Green chrisgreen at
Thu Aug 3 06:34:26 IST 2006

>At 11:49 AM 8/2/2006, you wrote:
>>My employees report that when they have the out of office turned on they
>>receive more spam.....
>I don't know how the two are related. Most spam I see doesn't have a valid 
>reply address.
>My suggestion is to use a *nix based autoresponder. Have it only reply to 
>addresses in your address book. Or better yet, ditch the autoresponder.
Spam comes in and gets through filter
Out Of Office AutoReply goes out
Boiiiing! - NDR arrives in inbox
Therefore spam, in the implied sense of the word, would double.

It pollutes auto-whitelists too, but doesn't usually expose you to more spam 
due because bogus addresses are unlikely to be reused.

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