SA rules_du_jour lint bug: FOUND

Matt Kettler mkettler at
Thu Aug 3 17:57:10 IST 2006

Jeff A. Earickson wrote:
> Gang,
> I upgraded to SA 3.1.4 last night, and continued to be plagued by
> lint failures in the rules_du_jour script, like so:
> /opt/perl5/bin/spamassassin -p
> /opt/MailScanner/etc/spam.assassin.prefs.conf --lint
> [27791] warn: config: SpamAssassin failed to parse line,
> "/var/spool/spamassassin" is not valid for "bayes_path", skipping:
> bayes_path /var/spool/spamassassin
> I had this problem in earlier versions of SA, but had worked around

> I know this isn't quite right, since the test should be "if NOT a
> directory, return INVALID_VALUE".  But the code:

NO! It should be IF a directory, return invalid. It is NOT valid to specify a
directory as a bayes path, because bayes_path is not just a path. It's a path
plus partial filename!

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