Inline image havoc

Ken A ka at
Thu Aug 3 16:25:45 IST 2006

Try this:

describe        LOCAL_IMAGE_07312006    spam image
score   LOCAL_IMAGE_07312006    10.0

It's nabbed all of them here, but it's entirely dependent on the content 
of the image, so ymmv.

The image analysis consists of copying the base64 parts from 4 spams to 
4 files, then doing 'cat 1 2 3 4 | sort' and look for repeat lines.

I expect the image will change at about 5pm tomorrow... just before I go 
home for the weekend.

Ken A.

Michael Masse wrote:
> I apologize because this is more of a SA related question, but I was
> curious if anyone running a busy Mailscanner is also running any of the
> various SA pluggins that do OCR checking to defeat inline image spam?   
> Do they work?    How much extra load on the server have you noticed?    
> Is there any pluggin that seems better overall?   Seems as of late, the
> only spam that ever gets through is the inline image stuff and just
> recently we are getting bombarded with the junk....     It's bad enough
> that pine looks like a good option again.....
> Mike

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