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On 02/08/06, Peter Peters <P.G.M.Peters at> wrote:
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> Hi,
> Julian Field wrote on 2-8-2006 10:00:
> > Read the comments above the "Remove These Headers" option.
> >
> > # If any of these headers are included in a a message, they will be
> > deleted.
> > # This is very useful for removing return-receipt requests and any
> > headers
> > # which mean special things to your email client application.
> This helps only when the sender asks for a DSN. This does not help when
> the recipient has configured to send an out of office to every message
> he receives.
This has been asked before on the list, but never really answered....
because it can't be(!)...
OoO/vacation really is a phenomenon, not a standardised thing, so you
don't have much to go by... Other than scoring the actual text
(usually in the subject), I don't think you have many options. If you
use Postfix, you could make a DISCARDing header_check, but then....
that might end badly:-).

The sane solution is to not allow OoO, and encourage your user to use
other measures (like "mailbox delegations" etc). Unfortunately PHBs
are rarely sane...:-)

-- Glenn
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