ClamAV on FreeBSD - ports or Perl module?

Drew Marshall drew at
Wed Aug 2 22:06:27 IST 2006

On 2 Aug 2006, at 21:54, TCIS List Acct wrote:

> Drew Marshall wrote:
>> I would always say go with the ports. They are up dated pretty  
>> regularly so never far behind the source any way.
>> I am also running the ClamAV Perl module on Perl 5.8.8 with out  
>> threading (Admittedly in FreeBSD 6.0) and have no issues at all. I  
>> would think you should be fine as you are although it's worth  
>> monitoring MailScanner and chuck a few Eicar test viruses through  
>> to make sure Clam (Via it's module) is being used, just to be sure.
>> Drew
> See entry on 23 Feb 2004
> I get that warning after I install that port..

Hmm, interesting. As Jan-Peter (The port maintainer) also just  
happens to be a MailScanner user (And the maintainer for the MS port)  
and a subscriber to the list, perhaps he could comment better. I am  
running that version without threading and have done so for ages with  
no issues, so I don't understand (Like normal ;-) ).

I'll drop him a line off list as he is a very busy lad and doesn't  
always read every post from the list.


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