RBL and trusted users from blacklisted IP addresses

ewr at erols.com ewr at erols.com
Wed Aug 2 21:29:15 IST 2006

>My only suggestion would be to avoid POP-before-SMTP 
>altogether and institute SMTP AUTH. It will avoid many 
>problems and add an additional level of accountability for 
>your users. Look for a thread here started by Muhammad Nauman 
>(if I recall correctly) regarding the advantages of this.
>Otherwise, to fiddle around too much with headers (even to go 
>as far as rewriting them) is usually not kosher.

I looked for the thread but didn't find anything relevant.  Do you know how
long ago it was?

I actually have AUTH turned on, my users just aren't "forced" to use it
yet... but I'm not sure exactly how SMTP Auth will help with this.  Does an
email arriving that has been AUTH'ed somehow become immune to RBL checks?

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