Res res at
Wed Aug 2 11:00:28 IST 2006

Hi Nick,

> I downgraded Sys::Syslog back to 0.05 and it started working again

I hope you mean 0.15 ?

> After some trial (and mostly) error, I finally discovered that adding
> the "ndelay" parameter to MS's openlog statement in made it
> work:
> eval { Sys::Syslog::openlog($name, 'pid, nowait, ndelay', $facility); };

ndelay is good

> Anybody have any insight? Any downside to using "ndelay"? If there is
> no downside, can the MS distribution be changed to use it?

A regression has been introduced between versions 0.15 and 0.17
the changes should have been orthogonal to that functional part of the
code affected by this problem and Sebastien is looking into it, be this 
part of your problem or not, time will tell :)


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