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Tue Aug 1 09:14:51 IST 2006

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Morning/Afternoon/Evening all!

I have just released the latest stable release of MailScanner, 4.55.

There are many minor changes this month, nothing earth-shattering,  
and a few fixes for you. One new feature you may find useful is the  
"--changed" command-line option, which will make MailScanner print  
out a table of all the settings you have changed from the defaults.  
This should help diagnosing problem much easier, as you won't have to  
read the MailScanner.conf and try to spot the changes any more. Just  
run "MailScanner --changed" and it will tell you all you need to know.

Download as usual from

The full Change Log is here:

* New Features and Improvements *
1 Added and to for less strict  
phishing net.
1 Code tidy up in Message constructor.
1 Speed improvements to ZMailer attachment extraction to keep up with  
   other MTAs.
1 "Log Speed = no" now does what it says on the tin. (UK in-joke :-)
1 Added "stopms" option to Linux init.d scripts.
1 Improved behaviour when %percentvars% at start of MailScanner.conf  
have not
   been configured at all. It now uses the fully-qualified hostname  
to guess
   the domain name and website address. It used to refuse to run  
which was
   very impolite.
1 Added Sys::Hostname::Long to list of required modules to implement  
the above.
2 Documentation rationalisation. Most up to date versions are all on  
the web.
3 Now output lock type in use with "--lint".
4 Improvement to Sophos.install for Sophos Version 5 so that email  
logging is
4 Now use syslog "notice" priority instead of "info" when issuing  
   that are nearly warnings. This helps you drastically reduce the  
amount of
   syslog output by just logging priorities greater than or equal to  
5 Added a "Contact Us" web page instead of just a mailto: link.
6 Improved Help guidance in Contact Us web page.
6 New command-line option: "-c" or "--changed".
   This will print out a table of all the configuration settings that  
   been changed from the default values hard-coded into MailScanner.  
   this may not be quite the same as the differences from the supplied
   default MailScanner.conf file.
6 Updated hard-coded defaults to better match MailScanner.conf settings.
6 Improved handling of broken Custom Functions. Having a broken Custom
   Function will now just result in the setting's default value being  
7 Bugfix for "--changed" printing when using Custom Functions.
8 Improved syslog-ing code so it doesn't matter is syslogd dies.
8 Upgraded DBD-SQLite to version 1.12 as it builds a lot more easily.
8 Improved handling of Postfix virtual users. Thanks to  
jpabuyer at
9 Added catch to commercial virus scanning code to allow syslogd to  
die during
   a virus scan.
9 Improved speed logging to remove chatter.
9 Upgraded Sys::Syslog to 0.17 which builds okay, unlike 0.16.
9 MCP timings are no longer output if MCP checks are disabled.

* Fixes *
1 Put back in the checks of free disk space that were in 4.53.1 but  
then lost.
1 Fix in check_MailScanner for MacOSX.
3 Default lock type for sendmail is now posix, as it should be.
4 Fix to phishing net so that links to "" are accepted  
as legal.
6 Fixed problem with dangerous filenames in TNEF archives when using the
   external TNEF expander.
8 Fixed problem with long SpamAssassin report in report files getting  
   at % signs.
8 Fixed phishing net problem with some cases of outbind://\d+/.... URLs.
9 Stopped logging code producing ridiculous numbers.
9 Improved Denial-of-service attack detector to handle multiple virus  
   more quickly. Now clears detection in 2 x Virus Scanner Timeout,  
as expected.
9 Fixed minor bug in TNEF handling of bad messages.
9 "service MailScanner reload" should work properly now.

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