help How to move spams to spam directory of Home of each user.

Mazhar Hussain mmazhar at
Sat Apr 29 07:57:50 IST 2006

Hi to all,

I am new to mailing List.

I have installed MaiScanner 4.52.2 (rpm) ,SpamAssassin 3.1.1 (from CPAN) and
"install-Clam-SA" on fedora redhat core 1.All of these are stable.All spam
emails are being tagged as {?Spam?}. Its working fine .Now what i want to do
is to define a script that will move all spams email to spam directory of
respective users.Scipt will first check  either spam dir exist's in User
Home dir if not it will create one and then move its incoming spam emails to
spam dir.I am using sendmail ,Imap and pop3.
   I shall be very thank full to all of you for this help.

+92 321 521 9779.
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