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Rick Chadderdon mailscanner at
Fri Apr 28 15:46:14 IST 2006

I agree.  Also, my experience has been that people who use spam filters
actually have the ability to tell when spam sneaks through.  And they
don't want it.  (Obvious, I know, but I have a few users who actually
want all of their spam.)  Even if this 'more effective' spam actually
got people to click a link, nobody who did so would buy anything unless
they were already the kind of person who responds to 'normal' spam. 
Wasted effort, and no more effective at defeating the final filter - the
human mind - than any other kind of spam.


Martin Hepworth wrote:

>URI-RBL's would catch this fairly quickly, as they do already...nothing to
>see here, move along..
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