AW: MailScanner 4.52.2 destroys exim 4.61 spool files

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Tue Apr 25 10:33:58 IST 2006

Well done! Until now six messages have been successfully transfered with patched MailScanner 4.52.2 and exim 4.61.

I will raise the flag when there are any further format problems.


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On 24 Apr 2006, at 11:29, Martin Hepworth wrote:
> A reminder about the ACL changes in exim 4.61 - obviously most people 
> are still running versions before this so the code needs to work for
> 4.61 and
> versions previous.

Please try the attached patch for /usr/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner/
Let me know how you get on. It should work with old and new versions of Exim.

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