MailScanner + Postfix = message doubles

Dhawal Doshy dhawal at
Wed Apr 19 15:56:48 IST 2006

Martin wrote:
> Hi,
> I've problem with message doubles when running MailScanner + Postfix and 
> relaying for our internal exchangeserver. It happens sometimes, and 
> sometimes not.
> Is there an easy solution to this? I've searched the archives and found 
> some similar posts, but it didn't helped me.
> I really want to stick with Postfix.
> Any hints where to start?
> / Martin

1. Check if they are really doubles, do this by comparing the message 
2. Check you lock type in mailscanner, for postfix it is recommended 
that you leave it to the default (i think it ought to be 'blank').
3. Check if your POP/IMAP server is responsible for this mess.
4. Are you using a cisco pix in front of your server.. if so, disable 
the fixup-protocol for smtp.

Send the following details:
postfix version?
MailScanner version?
Post some logs pertaining to this problem

- dhawal

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