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Dhawal Doshy dhawal at
Fri Apr 14 13:16:55 IST 2006

Muhammad Nauman wrote:
>> hi, can someone recomend a software for stress testing for 
>> mailscanner? or
>> similar? regards.
> - dhawal
> Using the Above Tool I Busted Mails using my MailServer as SMTP and my 
> own e-mail account as to and from .
> But it seams that the SpamAssasin or MailScanner is not working properly 
> . They do Scan the Messege as i see in my  maillog as :
> Can Any one Guide me to FINE Tune My Server and make it Highly secure 
> for my clients .

Read these links..



- dhawal

> Thanking in Advance
> Nauman

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