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Tue Apr 11 21:29:42 IST 2006

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> The building that I work in go hit by high wind and it has
> been closed for 2 weeks now.  We are finally getting to be
> able to move our servers to a remote location.  In case
> anyone is interested it is the Regions bank building in
> Indianapolis, IN.
> I am fairly confident that I can do this without help, but I
> am taking the chance of posting here to make sure that I do
> not screw this up.
> As far as mail is concerned ....
> Mail is the only thing that I believe that will be affected
> by the IP address change.
> My Setup.
> Internet --> Router --> MailScanner Machine --> Exchange server
> Plan - Leave the MailScanner machine at the Regions Bankd
> building but take the Exchange server to the new location.
> All that I should have to do is use the MailScanner machine
> to forward mail to the new IP Address shouldn't I?
> 1. Change the mailertable
> 	Current
> woodmaclaw.com          esmtp:[]
> www.woodmaclaw.com      esmtp:[]
> woodmclaw.com           esmtp:[]
> www.woodmclaw.com       esmtp:[]
> 	Need to change to
> woodmaclaw.com          esmtp:[new ip address of T1]
> www.woodmaclaw.com      esmtp:[new ip address of T1]
> woodmclaw.com           esmtp:[new ip address of T1]
> www.woodmclaw.com       esmtp:[new ip address of T1]
> 2. Configure the new router to forward port 25 to the exchange server
> Is that it?
> Also should I put port fowarding for SSH so that I can remote
> into the MailScanner machine in case I need to?
> We do not host our own web site.  Is there any other services
> that come to mind that would be affected by a IP address change?
> Thank you in advance!
> Billy Pumphrey

That should do it.  I would limit connections to port 25 at the Exchange
location to incoming ONLY from the IP address of your MailScanner
machine.  I would give myself ssh access to the MailScanner machine.
Might not be a bad idea to move ssh to a port OTHER than 22.  


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