Microsoft Word and Excel documents with embedded harmfullobjects

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> Wonderful!
> That sounds like a great idea, I hoped someone would have written
> something like that, but never found it before (though I haven't
> searched in a long time).
> Any ideas what it's written in or anything? It would be most useful to
> nick the technology inside it and incorporate it. As you say the file
> command can be used to spot likely candidates unless it's easy to spot
> files which aren't relevant.
> I will take a look at this next weekend, I'm away at the JANet
> Networkshop till Friday. Expect a posting about this next weekend, it's
> been one of my top hit features I want to implement for quite a long time.
> Thanks to Adri for finding this, let's hope it isn't a pile of old pony
> but is actually usable.

It's written in C, it's under active development and it has only been tested
on x86 hardware.


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