"reports and responses" problems

Greg Matthews gmatt at nerc.ac.uk
Mon Apr 3 14:13:30 IST 2006

If I quarantine messages above a certain size using:

Maximum Message Size = 15000000

and then send a message larger than this, the recipient is sent the
report defined by:

Stored Virus Message Report = %report-dir%/stored.virus.message.txt

I've rejigged our stored.virus.message.txt file to be more generic (less
virus orientated) but shouldnt this have its own report?

also, a small cleanup required for sender.error.report.txt:

        The mail scanner said this about the message:
        Report: $report

should be:

        The mail scanner said this about the message:

optionally, you might also want to change "virus scanner" to "mail
scanner" or similar in these reports.

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