John Rudd jrudd at UCSC.EDU
Wed Sep 14 23:24:37 IST 2005

On Sep 14, 2005, at 11:46 AM, Alex Neuman wrote:

>  The only reason you'd want to be running clamd in the first place is 
> to use it to power clamav-milter in order to prescan for viruses at 
> the MTA level to reduce the load on MailScanner from having to scan 
> virus-laden e-mails for spam.

That's actually not far from the mark.  Only mimedefang instead of 

We're thinking about having off-campus IP addresses get scanned by 
mimedefang, and reject during SMTP if it contains a virus.  Then have 
on-campus IP addresses still get scanned by MailScanner (there some 
subtle interactions that cause us to not want to do SMTP rejection for 
on-campus IP addresses).

Mimedefang uses clamd.  When I proposed the opposite question to them 
(using the ClamAV perl module) their claim was that they can't think of 
how anything could be faster than clamd.

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