Christian Schmidt christian.schmidt at CHEMIE.UNI-HAMBURG.DE
Mon Sep 12 21:45:16 IST 2005

Hello Johan,

Johan Guijt, 12.09.2005 (d.m.y):

> Last friday I did a Mailscanner update to the latest stable version 
> (4.45.4-1 on Fedora).
> Since then I have problems -long ping times and timeouts on the monitor 
> system.

Well, IMO this cannot be caused by MailScanner...

> The server is co-located and I am usig their servermonitor system which 
> sends me a SMS in case off problems.
> They use 30ms timeout - after that it sends an SMS messsage (average ping 
> time now is 58ms) .

What kind of tiemout is this? SMTP timeout?

Which smtp software are you using? Do the log files reveal something
of interest? What does the system load look like?

> Is it possible that Mailscanner is causing that problem?

I don't think so, as MailScanner doesn't do anything on the network
interfaces. It just acts locally...

> The server is 
> working fine and I don't have troubles receiving mail.
> Only long ping times / checks on that port.

On which port?
And how do you ping a special port? Or do you mean a switch port?

> Can I do other tests on the server to check this?

A fiend of mine once used some perl scripts to "stress test" a
freshly-installed smtp server - unfortunately I don't know if he
downloaded these scripts somewhere or if they were his own creations.
Maybe you can ask google for something like "mail smtp stress test"...


Was heute noch nicht richtig ist, kann morgen schon fast falsch sein.

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