MailScanner stops delivering e-mail to Postfix

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Mon Sep 12 00:07:33 IST 2005


> Restarting postfix does not resolve the problem. I was running a dual 300
> mhz server with 256 mb of RAM and have now replaced it because I thought it
> might be part of the problem. We are now running a AMD 3000+/1gb RAM unit
> now. It should have plenty of horsepower to handle MailScanner. There are
> currently 17 messages in the queue as I write this. MailScanner is
> constantly scanning and rescanning these messages over and over again but
> they never get sent to the incoming queue. I see this happening on both the
> incoming and outgoing e-mail gateways. I'll e-mail the requested information
> to Julian directly. I'd rather not send the contents of these messages to
> the open list. The lock type is set to flock by default. I am running
> postfix which is not mentioned in the conf file. Should I switch to posix?

So run them in debug mode, most likely you see whats happening then. It 
seems it doesnt like some of the messages you have sitting in your 
incomming dir.


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