MailScanner stops delivering e-mail to Postfix

Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Sun Sep 11 20:01:58 IST 2005

On 11 Sep 2005, at 13:06, Douglas Ward wrote:

> After upgrading MailScanner to version 4.45.4-1 (Mandrake 2005) I  
> have noticed that my mail gateways seem to be stopping delivery at  
> random times.  After a lot of time searching for a postfix error I  
> am starting to think that something may be wrong with MailScanner.
> Symptoms:
> 1) Postfix accepts the message and places it in the hold queue.   
> MailScanner scans the message but never gives it back to postfix.  
> It remains in the hold queue forever.
> 2) I see e-mail in the queue that is several days old.  MailScanner  
> moved all of the e-mail from that day except for a handful of  
> messages.
> 3) There are times when postfix will run with a certain number of  
> messages in the queue.  I'll check it in the morning and see 59  
> messages (for example).  E-mail will deliver all day and that  
> evening the same 59 messages are still in the queue.  I can usually  
> identify the problematic messages after a few days because they are  
> much older than current e-mail.
> If I manually move the messages from /var/spool/postfix/hold to / 
> var/spool/postfix/incoming they are immediately delivered.  Last  
> night around midnight I dumped 3,000 messages from Friday and  
> Saturday just so they could be delivered.  I saw a similar thread  
> in the archives and checked to make sure our DNS lookups are  
> working properly.  Has anyone seen this before in this new  
> version?  The previous version was rock solid with no delivery  
> problems to speak of.  If I can't find an answer soon I will have  
> to revert to the previous version.  I appreciate your help!

Any idea of the content of these messages? It's not. for instance,  
the TNEF converter barfing? Do you have any logs showing MailScanner  
actually doing anything?

I feel you are right, it's unlikely to be a Postfix problem only  
because once mail is in the hold queue as far as Postfix is  
concerned, it's there forever and forgotten about.


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