orphaned df files in mqueue.in

Greg Matthews gmatt at NERC.AC.UK
Sun Sep 11 13:36:30 IST 2005

On Fri, 2005-09-09 at 17:37 +0100, Julian Field wrote:
> Usually caused by SMTP servers sending you large messages but the 
> connection getting broken before the message was completely deliverd.

hmmm... as the files are already in mqueue.in, doesnt that mean that
they have been fully processed by the incoming MTA? MailScanner takes
them from mqueue.in, processes them and puts them in the out-going
queues, this is why I suspected MS is not cleaning up properly. I'll dig
a bit more in the bat book tho.

> But also check your "Lock Type" setting near the bottom of 
> MailScanner.conf. The comment above the setting will help you set it 
> correctly (if it needs setting to anything at all).

this is set correctly as I understand it, to posix (sendmail v8.13.1).

> Greg Matthews wrote:
> >I'm consistently finding "orphaned" df* files in /var/spool/mqueue.in ie
> >without a corresponding qf* file. Is this a bug in mailscanner
> >(v4.42.9)? 
> >
> >usually one or two a day, often quite large multipart messages.
> >
> > 
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