MailScanner not sending mail to /var/spool/mqueue

lester lasad llasad1 at YAHOO.COM
Thu Sep 8 20:05:40 IST 2005

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--- Scott Silva <ssilva at SGVWATER.COM> wrote:

> lester lasad spake the following on 9/8/2005 10:43
> AM:
> > MailScanner version 4.41.3
> > Fedora Core 2
> > spamassassin 3.0.3
> > 
> > I have had this problem several times in the past.
> > Mail is being accepted by my MS server but it is
> not
> > transferring email from /var/spool/ to
> > /var/spool/mqueue.  This causes a major backup on
> my
> > mail system.  
> Which MTA? Sendmail? Postfix? Exim? ...?
> If you just move the oldest file in will
> it start up?
> Any clues in the log?

sendmail is my MTA, version 8.12.10 (ouch, i know
needs to be upgraded).  The log really isn't telling
me much.  some old stuff in there, spamassassin
timeout every now and then but that's about it.  looks

I moved the oldest files to mqueue but still no luck.
Now I can't even move everything from to
mqueue becuase there is too much data in 

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