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Wed Sep 7 16:24:48 IST 2005

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On 06/09/05, William Schwartz <schwartzw at> wrote:
> I realize it's easy to do with pine, mutt, elm or any one of a million unix
> apps (mutt fan myself).  My dilema is that I'm providing the archives to a
> client who uses windows exclusively and I need to find an easy way for them
> to access the archives, both the mobx and the maildir ones.
>  Are there any windows apps that can import from a maildir type archive like
> MailScanner creates?
>  I'll play with using outlook Express to import eudora mailboxes and see if
> that takes care of the mbox ones.
>  thanks,
>  Bill

Yep, there isan easy way for windoze... Namely mutt, at least
according to (and cygwin:-)

Wikipedia had these things to say: and perhaps more
whether they actually are true or not (and whether any but mutt
support both mbox and maildir), I'm not too sure ... at least Sylpheed
boasts about windozwe support that just isn't there (dead link).
-- Glenn
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