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On 31 Aug 2005, at 23:06, Peter Russell wrote:
> 2 questions
> I currently scan mail for a handful of domains and less than 2000  
> users. I have primary and secondary MailScanner servers both with  
> own MX records of different weights. They are on 2 different  
> physical networks/sites, but one of those networks and the site is  
> being decommissioned. The second machine will moved to the same  
> rack as the primary. We have a another MailScanner machine that  
> handles outbound mail only.
> Should i just turn the secondary into a backup MX and simplify the  
> whole thing by having just one mailscanner and the backup mx  
> machines? Or is it better to continue to maintain two mailscanners?  
> My preference is for the ms+backupMX option but not sure of there  
> are drawbacks with this that i havent considered?

Personally, I would go for having both machines running MailScanner.  
If you don't, then mail from outside that hits your secondary (which  
will be virtually all your spam) will get passed to the primary for  
MailScanning, and then onwards into your network. If the primary goes  
down, all your mail freezes as the secondary can't send it to the  
primary for MailScanning.

Having all functionality on both servers allows them to work  
independently of each other, neither relying on the other to be up  
and running.

Then you can temporarily take one of your mail servers down (e.g. for  
upgrading) and not lose any service.

> My next question is that we provide a service that is an email  
> address for ex students for life. Its a subdomain of ours and there  
> is no mail storage, it is simply a forwarding/redirecting service.  
> There is a web gui that allows users to change their forwarding  
> address. The development guys dont like the system that does it now  
> and would prefer to output a text file from their app and let me  
> redirect this using Postfix on MailScanner. Is Virtual Alias maps  
> the best way?

Can't help you here, you need a Postfix expert. (which sure ain't me!)

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