Problem with Ignore Whitelist

Max Kipness max at KIPNESS.COM
Tue Oct 25 22:35:32 IST 2005

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I'm having an issue with a someone who has their email hosted on the
server that is running MailScanner.

She is using Outlook to connect via POP/SMTP to a Sendmail system.
However, for some reason her SBC DSL IP is on the list (it seems
there are many SBC IPs on this list.

The problem is that she is trying to mail to all 250 of her clients and
keeps getting blocked.

I have the Ignore Whitelist... setting at the default of 20, yet I have a
rule called spam.scanning.rules that has the both her domain and IP block

To:   write***.us yes
From: write***.us no
From: 68.94.      no #SBC Block

FromTo: default no

However, I keep getting this in the logs when she tries to send out this

Oct 25 14:16:31 *** sendmail[24582]: j9PJFnmv024582:
from=<***@write***.us>, size=86684, class=0, nrcpts=251,
msgid=<000601c5d998$99b0bbc0$210110ac at PAUL7U9KBH7L1D>, proto=ESMTP,
daemon=MTA, [xx.xx.xx.xx]
Oct 25 14:16:39 xxx MailScanner[3174]: Message j9PJFnmv024582 from
xx.xx.xx.xx (xxx at write***.us) ignored whitelist, had 251 recipients (>20)
Oct 25 14:16:42 xxx MailScanner[3174]: RBL checks: j9PJFnmv024582 found in
Oct 25 14:16:43 xxx MailScanner[3174]: Message j9PJFnmv024582 from (xxx at to,,,,
list of domains...)
Oct 25 14:16:43 xxx MailScanner[3174]: Spam Actions: message
j9PJFnmv024582 actions are store

What am I doing wrong? I may have to put the Ignore Whitelist rule at 10k
temporarily and risk the inbound spam for now.

Is there another solution?


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