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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at GMAIL.COM
Mon Oct 24 21:45:51 IST 2005

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On 24/10/05, Julian Field <MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk> wrote:
> One (well, 3) question(s) I still don't know the answer to:
> How well known is the logo, outside the people who already use it?
Rather depends on the defenition of "well-known" etc:-).

> How widely known is MailScanner as a package?

I know that MailScanner got some fairly good press  here in Sweden (in
a great part thanks to Tony over at the Swedish Church... larg-ish
installation that some reporter or other thought fitted well into the
"really geeky corner" of some networking/sysadm type magazine).
I wouldn't call it well-know, as in known by all and sundry, but
people "in the know" has at least heard of it. A typical sales-pitch
type conversation might go like:

(salesperson): We sell this shiny new spam and AV appliance that even ...

(me): Don't bother, we've setup a MailScanner system (... that would
beat your crap right out.... erhm, ouperform your gadget.... well, I
don't say that:-)

(salesperson): Oh... <thoughtful pause while silently cursing the
inferiority of their product.... or at least the "no sale situation">
... Well, we sell RSA tokens and these nice web-proxies and this fine
firewalls too... (You can imagine the rest of such a conversation, I'm
sure most of you've had such aplenty;)

> Are there any other packages that are known about as well as
> MailScanner, so I can get an idea of how widely it is known?

Again, you'd have to define the context a bit... In the spam-fighting
crowd I'd say it's ahead of amavisd, but then I'm biased.... I already
chose your product:-).
Amongst *nix mailadmins... I'd actually imagine a majority to at least
have heard the name (but many of those no more than that). If you add
in the M-Sexchangers and Dominoes and those Wise in a Cluster and
whatnot..... I'm sad to say the "ratings" will plummet.

So when all is said and done, you've a bit to go yet before Total
World Domination... But it's a well-regarded package (apart from by
some pf devs....:-).
-- Glenn
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