Bypassing Bad Content filter for one user: foundscript

Dennis Willson taz at TAZ-MANIA.COM
Mon Oct 24 21:38:29 IST 2005

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I believe you want to make a ruleset for:
Dangerous Content Scanning =

Or maybe multiple rulesets in the section labeled:
# Removing/Logging dangerous or potentially offensive content
# -----------------------------------------------------------

I have gotten to the point where I tell the users it's part of the anti-virus and can't be controlled per user or per domain (even 
though it can) just because even the users that say "I know enough to know what not to do with bad content" really don't (In fact 
these are the most dangerous users that will mess themselves up and I will get the support call for). They grumble a bit, but since 
it's part of the anti-virus they'll live with it.

You can also create whitelists for specific senders and/or receivers and with MailWatch they (the users) can do that themselves.


J.F. Charland wrote:
> Hi
> How does one bypass the bad content filters for a particular sender or
> recipient for warnings such as "foundscript"?  I can't seem to find
> out where I can create a ruleset for this in MailScanner.conf.
> Can someone point me to a resource or briefly describe the procedure?
> I promise don't need hand-holding, just a pointer.  :)
> Thanks,
> JF

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