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Julian Field wrote:
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> This appears to be the general consensus.
> I basically did it to see what people thought. I didn't have much idea 
> what opinion most people held about the logo, and a good way to probe 
> that was to open the possibility of a new one. The opinion appears to be 
> that it is very good how it is, with the possible exception of the font 
> used for the name. I (with some help) will be trying out a possible 
> change in font, but that will only be adopted with strong agreement from 
> all you folks. I'm certainly not changing the logo for the sake of it, 
> don't worry. I completely agree with the opinion that logos and style 
> should not be changed just to keep the graphic artists in a job. But I 
> think it was definitely worth the discussion it has generated.
> One (well, 3) question(s) I still don't know the answer to:
> How well known is the logo, outside the people who already use it?

Hmm, unfortunately I don't know anyone else who does what I do 
(locally). Other sysadmins I know are aware of MailScanner because I 
told them about MailScanner.

> How widely known is MailScanner as a package?

I would think as a spam package for use with SpamAssassin, fairly well. 
As a tool to hook up ClamAV, again fairly well. As a one stop shop to 
handle spam/virus management, not as well.

I think it is because so many times MailScanner comes up in 
conversations as "How do you run SA/clamAV/BitDefender, Etc?". ( "fairly 
well" = when I mention MailScanner the name is familiar, they have heard 
of it, but they know little about it other than it's reputation ).

> Are there any other packages that are known about as well as 
> MailScanner, so I can get an idea of how widely it is known?

I believe MailScanner is better known than AmavisD, SimScan, 
SpamAssassin-Milter. Not as well known as SpamAssassin.

> I know it is downloaded about 30,000 times per month, but how many of 
> these translate into upgrades or new sites?

I would be a bad example. If I have no security issues, if the software 
is working, I will not upgrade. I am still running a several month old 
version on my servers (4.37.7). I don't use the functions/features that 
have issues or have been added since my last upgrade. For the features I 
have enabled, it works.

"If it ain't broke....... Don't fix it"


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