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On Mon, 24 Oct 2005 18:42:46 +0100, Julian Field
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>This appears to be the general consensus.
>I basically did it to see what people thought. I didn't have much idea
>what opinion most people held about the logo, and a good way to probe
>that was to open the possibility of a new one. The opinion appears to be
>that it is very good how it is, with the possible exception of the font
>used for the name. I (with some help) will be trying out a possible
>change in font, but that will only be adopted with strong agreement from
>all you folks. I'm certainly not changing the logo for the sake of it,
>don't worry. I completely agree with the opinion that logos and style
>should not be changed just to keep the graphic artists in a job. But I
>think it was definitely worth the discussion it has generated.

I for one am in aggreement to keep the original although a possible 
"subtle" font change might be acceptable.  

>One (well, 3) question(s) I still don't know the answer to:
>How well known is the logo, outside the people who already use it?

Having previously been in mostly micro$oft shops (although we did run x-nix
for our MTA's) I would say somewhat low however improving as more articles
and product nominations go around. ;-)

>How widely known is MailScanner as a package?
>Are there any other packages that are known about as well as
>MailScanner, so I can get an idea of how widely it is known?

I had inherited this setup from the previous postmaster (who I might add is
a wiz) and like it so much, have adopted it on my personal servers and
recommend it to those I know who run their own. 

>I know it is downloaded about 30,000 times per month, but how many of
>these translate into upgrades or new sites?

Since this is on the main production server, I usually wait a few versions
unless there is a major update/security fix that needs to be in place.
However, the personal systems usually act as my testbed for the new releases
and then I'll upgrade production.

However, I will say in closing - support your developer - BUY THE BOOK!!

Dave Coults
HBCS Postmaster/Network Admin

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