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Leif Neland mailscanner-user at NELAND.DK
Thu Oct 20 23:18:26 IST 2005

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> In MailScanner.conf add 2 options:
> Archive Public Keys = yes
> Public Key Archive Dir = /var/spool/MailScanner/keys
> and do
> mkdir /var/spool/MailScanner/keys
> and make sure that the "Run As User" can read+write the directory.
> Then restart MailScanner and it will start generating files in that
> directory named after the date and the sender address, each containing
> the data extracted from the message.
> I hope that all works.

It extracts the key alright, but it is not in a proper base64 encoded .cer 
It is the raw key.

I.e. it lookes like this:
0M-^B^E00M-^B^D^X ^C^B^A^B^B^D?¼^B^@0^M^F 
*M-^FHM-^F÷^M^A^A^E^E^@011^K0   ^F^CU^D^F^S^BDK1^L0
^S Ingen organisatorisk tilknytning190^R^F^CU^D^C^S^KLeif 

But my .cer file looks like this:


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