Overloading Rulesets and Postfix Error

Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Wed Oct 19 23:43:37 IST 2005

Hi All

I think I have just found another 'feature' of Postfix and  
MailScanner's integration. I was putting together some rulesets as  
per here http://wiki.mailscanner.info/doku.php? 
id=documentation:configuration:rulesets:overloading for one of my  
virtual domains. I first tested it on one of my local domains, no  
problem but when I have come to change it over it fails. I started  
doing some digging and it would appear that MailScanner doesn't quite  
understand who the recipient (To:) is.

To explain further, with virtual alias domains Postfix uses the  
Trivial rewrite service to sanitise mail and expand virtual alias  
addresses before it queues the message (Just after the smtpd process  
has received it). This results in MailScanner receiving messages with  
To: addresses like <user>@virtual1.com, <user>@somewhere_else.com.  
This can be seen in postmaster notifications and sender reports as  
the To: line has both addresses. Julian fixed a long time ago reports  
showing the same address twice but these are different as one is the  
alias and the other the real address that the message is being  
relayed to.

I believe it is this that is screwing up my ruleset as the To: works  
fine for real addresses and even hosted virtual addresses but it just  
won't work for virtual aliases. I have tried to put   
<user>@virtual1.com, <user>@somewhere_else.com in the ruleset but  
MailScanner doesn't like the space between the ',' and the second  
address. It doesn't match with out the space.

Can any one disprove my theory and have this working with Postfix to  
prove I have my ruleset wrong? If not can anyone think of a solution  
(I code like a sysadmin so taking apart Julian's excellent work is  
not an option for me :-( )?


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