New MS install is acting very strangely (misconfiguration somewhere)

Gray, Richard richard.gray at DNS.CO.UK
Mon Oct 17 11:54:58 IST 2005

> >>
> >> I have not changed any settings on the Exchange box nor 
> did I change 
> >> any ip information on the new/old MS boxes. The way I 
> worked it out 
> >> was by changing the ip address of the old box and then 
> changing the 
> >> new box to the appropriate ip address. (To get them back 
> to normal I 
> >> did the opposite of course.)
> >>
> >>
> >> Thanks!
> >> Chris.
> >>
> > Maybe running a packet sniffer could help see where it 
> 'delivered' the 
> > undelivered mail.
> >

I've actually noticed some slightly strange behaviour in exchange
regarding the message tracking feature. We had a problem where if a
message was quarantined, it would send the decontaminated message out.
If I went and located the message in quarantine and copied it into exims
delivery queue, exim would pick the message up and deliver it, but the
exchange server would have no record of having received it.

I was never able to tie this down to anything specific, and we ended up
fixing it by not sending through notifications rather than the defanged
message. Just something to be aware about if you are working on this.


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