New MS install is acting very strangely (misconfiguration somewhere)

Dennis Willson taz at TAZ-MANIA.COM
Mon Oct 17 00:25:49 IST 2005

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"Uninfected: Delivered 1 message" is from MailScanner, not the MTA. If 
it was really delivered, there should be another message from the MTA 
that says it was delivered. I believe that the message from MailScanner 
means it was put in the output queue for the MTA to pickup and deliver 
(at least if sendmail is the MTA). Then it's up to the MTA to actually 
deliver the message.

I would check your input and output queues for the email you tried to 
send through.

Ugo Bellavance wrote:

> Chris W. Parker wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Well I got my new MS box up and running tonight and I was able to send
>> inbound one email successfully. All further attempts never came through.
>> The strange part is that maillog says it's delivered successfully.
>> "Uninfected: Delivered 1 message". Another strange thing is that I can
>> send emails out with no problem.
>> (MS is acting as a gateway in front of Exchange 2000.)
>> When I downed my new MS box and brought back up my old one everything
>> started flowing normally again. I've checked (and rechecked) my setup in
>> /etc/mail to no avail. What am I missing?
>> One last thing is that I use the Message Tracking feature of Exchange to
>> see if it had actually received any email from my new box and it hadn't
>> (even though MS reported in /var/log/maillog that the message was
>> delivered).
>> I have not changed any settings on the Exchange box nor did I change any
>> ip information on the new/old MS boxes. The way I worked it out was by
>> changing the ip address of the old box and then changing the new box to
>> the appropriate ip address. (To get them back to normal I did the
>> opposite of course.)
>> Thanks!
>> Chris.
> Maybe running a packet sniffer could help see where it 'delivered' the 
> undelivered mail.
> Regards,

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