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Rabellino Sergio wrote:

> Ho do you feel about  mycode.c.old or mydocs.tar.gz, or 
> mydata.20051009.txt ???
> It's hard tell anyone that he can't send a project in development to 
> someone else because there are double dotted filenames, without 
> concerning
> the real content.
> This was the start point for our discussion, then my doubt on that 
> rule. Could  be a 'better performance' rule, but there are real 
> attacks catched ONLY by that rule ?
> For now i've not found any attacks singularly catched by the 
> double-dot rule, but...
I've been wondering about this myself. I mean sure, block report.doc.exe 
and hotpic.jpg.pif but is anything really gained by blocking the 
examples listed by the previous poster? And I mean don't just do some 
handwaving about "extra security", I'd like to see a real explanation of 
the gain and preferably a couple of examples.


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