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On 11/10/05, Dimitri Yioulos <dyioulos at> wrote:
> On Tuesday October 11 2005 3:41 pm, Alex Neuman van der Hans wrote:
> > Glenn Steen wrote:
> > >DCC: (in reverse order of appearance, for clarity)
> > >...
> > >DCC network. (I.e. ISPs that use the DCC to filter mail for their own
> > >users are intended to be covered in the free license.) You also can't
> > Ok... So unless it's for my own personal use, pyzor is the only really
> > "free" one. I'll look into setting up a service on my servers in order
> > to help with the load.

If "freedom to use" isn't enough, then yes. As usual, when someone is
giving away the fruit of their labour with a specific recipient crowd
in mind (or rather, wanting to exclude some specific types of sharks),
the wording can be less than clear.
I'm not sure Pyzor is able to function with a "load-balancing" set of
servers ... yet. But any effort to make it a better service is

> <SNIP>
> Not so.  Razor is available as long as it's not part of a solution that a fee
> is chared for.  So, even in a business environment, as long as no fee is
> being charged for Razor, it can legally be used.  This is as per vipul; it
> was posted here earlier.  Not sure about DCC, though.
> Dimitri
It's all in the wording there ... "fee being charged for service"...
In a "business" (like mine) that simply use it for our own end, no
revenue from it, sure. I'm less clear on ISPs or others though. Might
be that the intention is pretty much the same as for DCC, that
benevolent ISPs (and similar) should be allowed to use it free of

Anyway, giving something back to these people wouldn't be a bad idea
(sort of like the consensus here regarding supporting Jules), if one
has the budget and thinks they've been helpful in protecting ones

-- Glenn
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