4.46.2: updates to perl modules

Philip Hachey phachey at CITY.CORNWALL.ON.CA
Fri Oct 7 17:48:31 IST 2005

I'm running Perl 5.8.7 on WhiteBox 3 Linux, and module versions similar to
yours with these differences:
Files::Spec 3.11 (PathTools)
IO::Stringy 2.108 (hmm.. I should upgrade this one)

Outside of a bit of workaround during installation (two Perls), everything's
working great.  In fact, I'd say my system load is noiticeably reduced
(although that may also be related to the recent SpamAssassin upgrade).

Philip Hachey

On Thu, 6 Oct 2005 08:41:08 -0400, Jeff A. Earickson <jaearick at COLBY.EDU> wrote:

>In my monthly review of current perl modules used by MailScanner,
>I found on CPAN:
>                  your    latest
>module          version  version
>Compress-zlib    1.34      1.40
>Archive-Zip      1.14      1.16
>File-Spec        0.82      0.90
>HTML-Tagset      3.03      3.04
>IO-stringy       2.108     2.110
>MailTools        1.50      1.67
>Mime-tools       5.417     5.418
>Net-CIDR         0.10      0.11
>TimeDate         1.1301    1.16
>I am running the latest versions with MS 4.46.2 on Solaris
>9 with no problems.
>Jeff Earickson
>Colby College

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